Skills & Activities

UI-UX Design

Experience in creating various UI designs.

HTML/CSS Development

Experience in HTML5 and CSS3 development.

Digital Marketing

Experience in Digital Marketing techniques.

Technical Skills - Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing.

Social Media:


Technical Skills - UI Design / HTML Development

Personal Blog - Extra Income Ideas

Extra Income Ideas

Extra Income Ideas Online

I am authoring a personal blog named Extra Income Ideas. This blog is about various legitimate methods to earn extra income online including paid online surveys, PPC, micro jobs and many others. The methods shared here do not make you rich, but it helps you get some extra money as gift vouchers, Paypal cash etc.

YouTube Channel

Jayakumar N Youtube

Channel Name: Jayakumar N

This is my main channel covering videos on Trains, Flights, Travel, Festivals, Events, Technology etc.

JMedia Vlog

Channel Name: JMedia Vlog

This channel covers music, festival, travel and other entertainment.